my projects


This project helped me understand the CSS Grid and the difference between Grid and Flexbox. With the combination of both stylings, a web page becomes fast and efficient.


This learning was my first full-stack project which made me fall in love with developing. It got me passionate to learn and keep coding. The joy of debugging the error and successfully moving along was priceless.

Pet Shop DApp

This project helped me understand how to deploy on Rinkeby Testnet with Truffle templates available as boilerplate to get started quickly.

Task List Tracker

In this simple task list or grocery list manager mini-project, I learned how to utilize the memory storage of the browser so that the task does not vanish on every refresh.


This is the project why I became a Blockchain Developer. Understanding the architecture of a blockchain and its functioning helped me understand the core concepts of Blockchain Technology.

Tea Station

Working on this project was interesting to realize the concepts of Flexbox and how to apply them efficiently.