about me

Hello, I am Neeraj Nerlekar and I am a Web and DApp developer. I spend most of my day learning to integrate smart contracts to the front end, troubleshooting errors and testing different frameworks. I am getting better at crafting smart contracts for different use cases, like multi-sig wallets, nft platforms, and different applications. I also keep experimenting with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, NodeJs, and Solidity (and its endless list of frameworks). I enjoy coding and the challenge of learning something new every day. I am flexible using Ubuntu and Windows OS and troubleshoot through daily error during programming and resolve them. I am passionate about developing on Ethereum ecosystem to keep learning and progressing in my career to help solve industry issues. I intend to contribute to open-source projects.

My previous career as a Customer Relationship Manager and Soccer Head Coach helped me develop valuable management and communication skills. I was able to discipline myself in every aspect of life. Professional Communication at MacEwan solidified my knowledge of proper professional communication and equipped me with proficient skills to interact in a professional workspace.

In my free time, I have developed a new hobby of building PCs. I love transforming old systems into new gaming pcs. This hobby has helped me develop my decision making, problem solving skills, researching and attention to details. I also love reading books, playing soccer, basketball and mountain biking. I eat healthily and intend to stay fit always.